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Xamarin Evolve 2013 – Day 2 Sessions

Posted by mikeg on April 19, 2013

Building Great Experiences with Scalable Cloud Services

  • Presenter: David Poll, Parse
  • Good presentation, good set of features, reasonable price

Building Hybrid Apps with Xamarin

  • Speaker: Ryan Paul, Xamarin
  • Disadvantages of HTML
    • lack of consistency between rendering engines
    • difficult to get optimal performance and acceptably responsive user interface
    • Lack of native controls means that you can’t match the platform’s native look and feel
    • No access to platform-specific functionality
    • HTML rendering engines confine you to a lowest-common-denominator user experience
    • FB moved from HTML list to native – resulted in my higher user engagement


  • Advantages of Native Development
    • Access the full range of rich device capabilities and native performance
  • Hybrid Advantages
    • pegasus and unicorn, not crocodoc

image  image

  • Displaying HTML content in Native Apps
    • An HTML view can be a highly effective tool for displaying rich content in native applications
    • Ideal for use in scenarios where you need complex formatting and want to intersperse graphics
    • With responsive design techniques, content can be made to seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes and orientations
    • Razor templating engine can be used by native apps to render HTML
  • Demo: Razordex


  • Hybrid Communication Techniques
    • Expose C# function to JavaScript – Android specific example was provide, supposedly no easy way to do on iOS
    • Intercept a Link Handler – <a href=”message:this is a test”>test</a>, catch “message” link in ShouldOverrideUrlLoading
    • Call JS function form C#: web.loadUrl(“javascript:function…”)
  • Look into jsbridge on github – pass JSON from/to native to JS
  • – HTML5 support across different browsers

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