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Xamarin Evolve 2013 – Day 2 Keynote – Josh Clark (founder of Global Moxie)

Posted by mikeg on April 17, 2013

  • – Global Moxie specializes in design strategy and user experience for a mobile, multiscreen world. Founder Josh Clark is author of Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps
  • Buttons are a Hack – look for opportunities to eliminate buttons: gestures
  • Examples
    • How would a child manipulate things on the screen
    • Paint app – how to select color
    • Clear Todo App – gestures to manage todo list
    • Touch up app – instead of changing brush size, zoom in canvas while keeping brush size the same
    • adobe proto – alternative to visio, omigraffle. uses natural gestures, similar to
  • Finding what you can’t see
    • Content is the label – salt/pepper in clear containers analogy
    • Don’t make it “look like” without making it “act like” – Apple’s calendar/datebook didn’t allow swipe from day to day for first 18 months till they fixed it
    • 3 year olds are better than we are in beta test because they are not poisoned by 30 years of desktop experience
    • Play more video games – game teaches as you go
      • Coaching – point out things as you go. Make first interaction easy and success. Do not repeat if user already interacted with the feature
      • Leveling up – intro one element at a time.
        • Fantasy Blade example during battle sequence – freeze the action and allow to practice block/dodge
        • Switch in scrolling direction during Mac OS upgrade required user to scroll before enabling Continue button
      • Power ups
  • Be generous – no standard ways to do things yet, need to share as an industry to figure this out

One Response to “Xamarin Evolve 2013 – Day 2 Keynote – Josh Clark (founder of Global Moxie)”

  1. Roman said

    Love the OCD cutting board, getting that immediately!

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