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Adobe Summit 2013–Adobe Sneaks

Posted by mikeg on March 7, 2013

  • 818 Customer Meetings
  • 2000 Customers in Beta
  • 62 product launches in 2012
  • from Summit 2012 – 5 out of 9 are either implemented or will be implemented  shortly
  • Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia)
    • “chicken was so local it was born on the plate”
    • very funny, should look up the video after it is posted
  • Sneaks
    • #BoomData – bringing in external data and overlaying SiteCatalyst and dashboards
    • #SeeAndBelieve – next generation of Pathing reports, pivoting around any points, including conversion
    • #QuickTrend – minute by minute number of orders, referring domains, internal searches, anything measured by Adobe Analytics
    • #Automagic – converting campaign codes into useful data
    • #DAMVideo – video tapestry (rendering video into panorama image). Brilliant. overlaid with stats, even more brilliant
    • #OnTheEdge – Adobe Edge Reflow allows to visually “size” the site
    • #ClickClickDone – inline editing, adding components
    • #SweetEmotion – Emotion Engine based on tweets
    • #TweetBoost – analysis of “influencers” who are driving traffic to the sites
    • #CMOBFF – tools for CMOs

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  2. […] together to show off a bit about what’s coming next from them, they call this session the Summit Sneaks. One of the nice things about this session is seeing the product managers and developers showcase […]

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