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Amazon Web Services Management tools/services

Posted by mikeg on June 16, 2008

Updated on 2009-06-13: Added CloudWatch, CloudKick

  • Enables Auto Scaling
  • Looks like requires command line tools to enable monitoring
  • Pricing: $0.015 per hour for each instance
  • Sample pricing: To monitor 10 Amazon EC2 instances 24×7 for a 30-day period. The Amazon CloudWatch cost would be $108

  • free for now
  • advanced features (to be announced) will be for fee (to be announced)
  • supports EC2 and Slicehost
  • Winners of 2009 Under the Radar “Best in Show” and “Audience Choise”

  • One Ruby Gem = easy EC2 computing cloud

  • PoolParty is an open source tool that automates deployment, monitoring, and load balancing of EC2 instances. Configure once, and relax by the poolside — PoolParty will keep your site and its instances afloat.

  • Still in stealth

  • Beta
  • doesn’t have much information
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  1. [...] are monitoring tools that are available for EC2 specifically (see my previous post here) or just standard networking tools (Nagios, Spiceworks, etc) but most of them still require us to [...]

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